I’ve had an interest in photography my entire life. Ever since I was young I would spend time trying to take pictures of cars and anything else I saw with my little film camera. From my experience with photography I have learned that image quality, while incredibly important, is a journey. My processes change over time and the identity of my work in constantly improving and being refined. Every day provides me with another opportunity to capture little moments – once in a lifetime – that are priceless and will be enjoyed in the years to come.

Photography is my passion. Growing up I was surrounded by an artisitc family and I took inspiration from my mother’s painting, porcelain, and watercolor and was often awed by her compositional skills. As I aged I realized that composition is key to creating beautiful images. I take my camera with me often; I just can’t let a beautiful sunset pass me by. I see the beauty in little moments and enjoy a variety of photography types. When I see something that affects me I know then that I can create a great image.

My family instilled in me the importance of creativity and photography has been a great way for me to express myself. I am also a classically trained pianist, a novice trumpet player and a big fan of blues guitar. My friends always joke about my fascination with the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan- maybe one day I can be as good as him.

Relationships are often a thing of beauty, both in nature and with people. I am very attune to the way both people and object relate to one another and I am able to work comfortably in a variety of situations because of this. I love to help people capture once in a lifetime moments and to preserve this joy for years to come. As a newlywed myself I understand the constraints and complications of wedding planning and enjoy working with couples as they embark on this exciting time in their life. I am flexible enough to accommodate the needs of even the most adventurous couple.

My wife Katie functions as quality control- she keeps me grounded and provides a feminine perspective. We live in the Northwest part of Central Ohio with our two hyper dogs- Chip and Agent Dale Cooper…FBI.

Together, we work to ensure that all of life’s most important moments – from weddings and babies to family photos and graduations- are captured and preserved.